February 2017: 10k!

Oh, hi Feb!  Ahhh I just want the next 6 months to fly by!  I’m itching to start married life already!!

Wedding concerns?  Finding a substitute for a preggy bridesmaid.  And having to study for a license exam in the middle of all this wedding prep!  Otherwise, I’d like to think I still have my calm.

January budget went okay… I just find it really hard to stay within out $600 discretionary allotment.  We’ll see how this month goes; but I’m considering increasing this to $800.

Also, our car fund is something that needs to be potentially reviewed in the future… not sure if it’s enough of a buffer.

Net worth… we finally reached $10000!!  *small wins, happy dance*

Things to look forward to in Feb?  Valentine’s day.  A short month.  A charity gala.  And a long weekend road trip to Pennsylvania.

Happy love month!

Show me the money, honey

Net worth:  Negative something.
Assets:  Opened an RRSP with $100 monthly payments.
Liabilities:  $28,000 student loan debt.  $20,000 car loan debt.

2012:   I became obsessed with spreadsheets:  budgets to plan and follow!

2013:  Paid off my student loan.
Net worth:  Negative something.
Liabilities:  Brand new car – $25,000 car loan debt.

2014:  Finally a positive net worth!  A temporary 6 monthly side hustle definitely helped.
Net worth:  $4k in May to $26,000 at the end of the year.
Liabilities:  $18,000 car loan debt.

2015:  Car accident in August, car got written off.
Net worth:  $40,000
Liabilities:  Brand new car loan –  $27,000.

2016:  That 5month old car got stolen in February!!
Net worth:  $50,000 in June 2016
Liabilities:  Brand new car loan –  $36,000.

Dec 2016:  Joint net worth:  $9000

I got engaged in October 2016 and by the end of the month, we had transitioned into a joint budget.

New debt:
Student loan – $11,800
His vehicle – $19,500
Her vehicle – $31,700

…not to mention a $50,000 wedding to plan and save for in less than 8 months!!!

2017, please be good to me us!! 🙂