Wedding Budget Update: T-2.25 months

Since our engagement in October, we have saved up $17, 338 for the wedding (of this, we have spent almost $11k on vendor deposits).  We expect to save a total of $24, 000 until the wedding day.

Our original budget for the wedding was $50k (all wedding day expenses plus the rehearsal dinner and honeymoon).

If you’re wondering why we’re only saving for half of the budget: it’s because we only started saving for this during our 9 month engagement.  All our presents are hopefully cash; we’ll figure out the rest into our budget once we get all our numbers in, post-wedding.

But no, we won’t be paying the wedding in credit!  We have an emergency fund (and a house fund) we can tap into for cash flow since we’d have to pay for the entire wedding before we can even cash in our wedding gifts.

7 months into the planning and our wedding budget has already decreased by almost $5k!



*the ones in red are paid for/final amounts


Flowers – An aunt of mine will be gifting all our flowers for the wedding day (decorations, bridal party, corsage, bouquet) … she’ll be making it herself.  She lives in Virginia and unfortunately she can’t cross the border with flowers; so we’ll just purchase the flowers in bulk here in Toronto beforehand.

Rehearsal Dinner – Our families will be hosting the rehearsal dinner at the church hall; so I believe we’d only have to pay for the $150 hall rental fee and they’d take care of the food (catered).


Save the dates – The magnets we purchased online were only $65 for 100.  My brother took our photos and we ate after pictorials, so our $65 dinner is in this category.

Invitations – We slacked so much on the invitations.  This cost us more than I expected due to shipping charges at customs – we order from weddifor ngpaperdivas, a US company.  I’ve bought from American online companies a dozen times but this is the first time I’ve ever had to pay for duties; bummy!  But we still came in within budget so that’s good.


Venue – Estimated for 200 adults; def the bulk of our expense

Decor – This is just for the backdrop, primary tables, and receiving table.  We have a godparent who will pay for (and create) our centrepieces – which easily could have been at least $500 for 20ish pieces.

Favours/Photo booth – We have decided to add a photo booth (which can double as a favour and entertainment for those not a fan of the dance floor) but will most likely get traditional favours as well.

We are undecided on the dry ice.  $400 for literally a 2.5 minute dance!


Wedding rings – my aunt will be gifting our wedding rings – they’ll just be plain 21k gold bands.  In the future, I might opt to get the wedding band that matches my engagement ring.

Hotels – we had originally wanted to book hotel rooms for our bridal party the night before but due to logistics and cost, we decided against this.

Honeymoon – we booked an all incl week in Cancun; this plus a trip to the Mayans and tips should just come to just about $3k.  Anything over, we’ll take from our travel fund.


Bride’s dress – my mom will be paying for my gown, which will be custom made in the Philippines

Groom’s tux – he already purchased one, just waiting for it to be altered


Brother’s suit – all our groomsmen are purchasing the same suit; I will be paying for my brother’s (he’s still in college) – this will be partly his birthday present as well.

Gym –  we took on a year’s membership; which could potentially have been a waste since we haven’t gone in a month

Sponsor favours – we made our own wine via Groupon

For the most part, there’s not much wiggle room in our estimates.  The only pending values are for bridal party presents, favours, and stationary.

Ahh can’t wait til the budget is finalized!

… and being married of course 🙂


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