Wedding Budget

As soon as I got engaged, you bet one of the first things I did was create a spreadsheet.  I listed every possible expense related to the big day.  I originally wanted $25k to be our max spend because I’d rather save for a down payment or traveling rather than  a one day event.  But lo and be hold, I’ve given in to peer pressure and society pressure and family pressure …


The first thing we tackled was the venue.  We narrowed down our guest list to about 180ish people and searched for venues less than $100 per person.  We visited about 4 venues before falling in love with our venue.  Less than an hour before our visit, we had already paid the deposit!   The venue unfortunately requires a specific vendor for their AV system so we have no choice but to pay the $2100 fee.  The fiance was adamant about a live band… unfortunately they go for at least $2000; so we settled for an acoustic singer who has an amazing voice for a reasonable price.

Well, before the reception venue,  the church was what we really had to book first.  We were lucky enough to secure a date 9 months after our engagement!  To be honest, I really wanted a fall wedding… my favourite season!   But we couldn’t wait to get married… so a summer wedding it became (my least fave season though!).  The marriage prep course, license, and church fees are fixed amounts.   The rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding is def the biggest expense.  We unfortunately can’t control that to just the bridal party and entourage; what with out-of-town family tagging along and everyone else’s plus ones and all that.

Photos/Videos was the next biggest expense but something we weren’t comfortable skipping out on.  We fell in love with our vendor’s work after watching a bunch of their Same-Day-Edit videos.  I can’t wait for ours!!!!

L O L at how much more a bride’s expenses are compared to the groom’s!

And like any budget, there should always ALWAYS be a buffer for those random little things you forgot.

6 months til the wedding and so far, we have saved up $10200 (2016: 6000).  Of that, we spent about $8000 in deposits, securing our vendors.

Our budget has us saving another $13000 in the next 6 months.

We will be requesting monetary gifts (instead of registries) and hoping that would help cover the remainder of the expenses.   So fingers crossed and lots of prayers!



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